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Americans agree:


84% of Americans want the FDA to ban imports of generic medicines from foreign manufacturers that have received a Warning Letter.

86% of Americans support the FDA testing generic medicines imported into the U.S. from foreign manufacturers that have received a Warning Letter.

72% of Americans oppose importing generic medicines from China.

85% of Americans think it’s an important priority—with 43% saying it should be the top priority—for the U.S. government to establish the U.S. as a leader in the generic pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Americans were exposed for the first time to the repercussions of America’s dependence on foreign nations for critical goods—the result of decades of offshoring our nation’s productive capacity. According to a research report, America’s reliance on foreign manufacturers, particularly in China and India where manufacturing quality and oversight standards are poor, has proven to be a major factor in drug shortages and price gouging by foreign producers.


America’s capacity to fully make generic drugs has been all but gutted because foreign governments subsidize their domestic companies, engage in predatory practices, and take advantage of uneven FDA regulatory enforcement.  


The data outlining America’s reliance on foreign manufacturers is shocking: over two-thirds of generic drugs and 87 percent of generic APIs are made abroad.  In reality, the situation is even worse, as Americans have zero domestic production capability for many medicines including life-saving antibiotics such as penicillin.


This dangerous reliance on overseas supply chains has contributed to higher costs and preventing Americans from receiving the world-class health care that they deserve. The only way to resolve these public health challenges is to bring generic drug manufacturing back to the United States. 


Solutions begin with leveraging the federal government’s buying power, paired with supportive trade policies and financial incentives to give domestic manufacturers the certainty they need to rebuild America’s generic industrial base so our medicines can be fully made in the United States.

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