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Fighting Against Unsafe, Unfair Foreign Competition That Jeopardizes Patients' Health



The Problem

The FDA allows generic drugs to be imported from foreign manufacturers in China and India that have received Warning Letters, which notify manufacturers of significant violations of FDA regulations.

  • Tens of millions of potentially unsafe and ineffective generics from China and India are flooding U.S. hospitals and retail pharmacies. 


  • Many U.S. domestic manufacturers that produce high-quality, safe generics have been driven out of business because foreign companies receive government subsidies and engage in illegal cartels and price fixing.


  • When Chinese and Indian drugmakers gain a monopoly, they gouge Americans by raising prices as much as 2,000 percent.


  • Foreign manufacturers that make artificially cheap generics eventually run into quality problems that cause hundreds shortages of lifesaving medicines every day, and worse shortages as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic


  • With 90 percent of the global supply of key materials to make generics centralized in a single country, China, the risks to US public health and national security are immense.

Our Mission

Fighting Against Unsafe Medicines and Unfair Foreign Competition That Jeopardize Americans’ Health

  • We are doctors, patients, health care industry experts, and advocates fighting for change. 


  • We know that generic drugs have been sold in the U.S. that have been contaminated with carcinogens and fake ingredients, fall apart when tested, and don’t work as they should.


  • We are fighting back to ensure all generic medicines are safe, affordable, and always available. 

We want every American to be able to trust the generics they take—every pill, every vial every time.

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